Why I don’t drink

There has been quite a buzz, no pun intended, about whether or not it is okay for a Christian to drink.  So, I want to weigh in on the subject too.  Here are some quick reasons that I don’t drink as a Christian.

  • Why not Mountain Dew or Diet Pepsi?  I am more satisfied with a soft drink than with alcohol. 
  • As a youth pastor, I used to ask my “unchurched” teenagers if they would be fine if I drank beer and still shared Jesus with them.  They said it would bother them.  Hmm.
  • As a minister of the gospel, I have, for conversation purposes, asked adults if they would have trouble listening to me share Jesus with them if they saw me drinking alcohol.  They also said that it would. 
  • It seems that drinking booze would hurt my witness by causing others not to take me seriously as someone who lives for Jesus Christ and wants others to live for Him too. 
  • As a matter of fact, most “unchurched” people have said that even if I was coming out of a liquor store with a brown bag that it would hurt my ability to have influence for Christ; even if it is a six pak of Coke.   

Now, I admit that it is not a sin to drink.  However, we Christians are supposed to be ministers of the gospel.  Therefore, knowing that it is possible to hinder our witness for Jesus Christ shouldn’t we sacrifice that right, willingly, to be able to serve Jesus? 

Some may say that overeating is as big of a hindrance to the gospel of Jesus Christ too.  I am not sure about that.  Wait, I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that my problem is that I overeat.  You are right.  But I am working on that.  I still stand behind my statement that overeating is not as much of a hindrance.  Yet, I think that it makes for great debate within the Christian community. 

Let’s face it.  The world has an opinion that we are overlooking.  Yes, we can reason ourselves to death about whether or not it okay for a Christian to drink.  But it seems easier to me if I lay it down so that it will be one less thing that hinders my witness.  What do you think?



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2 responses to “Why I don’t drink

  1. Hank

    Great topic! It’s so good that I’m going to have to reply with my own post

  2. I always tell people that I don’t “not drink;” like you, I simply prefer not to cause anyone else to stumble. Truth be told, there is a bottle of wine in the fridge right now (takes us several months to get through one, though) but I have only been in our town’s liquor store on two occasions.

    Right now my wife is working with some low-income people; for some of them alcohol is a problem. I have suggested that the leadership team members simply not be seen in the local liquor store (one bought something there last week), but I don’t know if the suggestion is going to go over very well…

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