Thoughts on a “Loss of Faith”

Mega-pastor Victoria Osteen is being sued by a flight attendant for assault.  Here is the video about the alleged incident.  Here is the article from CNN. 

Okay.  All of us who do not agree with the Osteens should consider this case with a sympathetic attitude.  This is not the time to say, “God is getting revenge on the Osteens for teaching a bad theology.”  If you are thinking that, then you are not as Holy-minded as you think you are. 

Next we should also get out of the way whether or not anything wrong occured.  It seems that she did because Mrs. Osteenpaid a $3000 fine.  Plus there are witnesses; for both sides. 

Here are my thoughts about it this incident.

  • The Pastor was flying first class.  I am a pastor and have never flown.  This is in part because I am a chicken.  But another reason is that I have never had the money to fly. 
  • Osteen demanded that her first class seat be wiped off.  My Savior took the role of a Servant the night of the Last Supper. 
  • Osteengot angry with the attendant and tried twice to get into the cockpit.  She tried to get into the cockpit after September 11th?  My Savior got angry at those who misled others so that they could not find God. 
  • The article says that Brown wants an apology.  She has not gotten one yet?  My Savior said to give another piece of clothing to the person who takes your outer-garment;  (Paraphrased).  Jesus said do not offer a gift at the altar if you know your brother has something against you. 
  • This incident delayed people from getting to where they were going for over 2 hours.  Is this submitting to others?  This is selfishness at its worst.  We should be selfless. 
  • Instead of cleaning the mess herself, Mrs. Osteen caused a weaker Christian to stumble. 

I will stop on Mrs. Osteen here.

Thoughts about Ms. Brown

  •  Funny how the desire for money is in play here.  She hinted that she was a Christian.  We are not supposed to sue each other.  It brings shame upon Jesus and His Church.
  • She has a prior accusation of the same nature.  If not true, her faith may have been affected long before this situation. 
  • Mrs. Brown, or another employee, should have cleaned the seat.  We are to do everything as if we are doing it for the Lord.  Laziness is considered bad in the Bible.

Other thoughts

  • Superstar pastors?  Jesus tried to avoid this.  If they left their church could it survive?
  • I am glad that the car next to me did not hear me call them a jerk as they cut me off while traveling on the Interstates today.  They might be suing me for a loss of faith. 
  • If this case succeeds, what kind of Pandora’s Box is opened in regard to suing preachers in a weak moment? 
  • Whatever the Osteens are worth; and Ms. Brown is worth; mixed in with what the Osteens will get to keep or Brown receives. . . stay with me . . . does not matter to the people who have gone to bed without something to eat for the 7th, or 8th, night in row in Africa, or anywhere else.  Darfur is just trying to get healthy water right now.   These people are squabbling over money that should be sent there instead of to them. 
  • Unfortunately, for Osteen, as a pastor she is held to a higher degree of accountability.  On the other hand, Brown may be trying to damage God’s chosen vessel which is not good in the long run either.

Everyone listen.  Your faith must be watered by the reality of Jesus Christ and a relationship with Him.  Do not succumb to the desire to find people to place your trust in.  Trust Jesus alone.



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2 responses to “Thoughts on a “Loss of Faith”

  1. I don’t think anyone looks very good in this incident.

    Well done.

  2. Good post. Sad incident though. It doesn’t help that an evangelical (but not so scholarly) pastor can through these fits in the american context.

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