Progress at Smith Chapel

Here are some reasons that I think God is working at our church.

  1. Visitors are showing up.  They have been coming since last month. 
  2. Visitors are becoming regulars.  One family has committed to being at our church. 
  3. Someone gave $500 to our church to help repair our parsonage.  It is in sorry shape and has been, and still is, a real stressor on me.  This person may give more later. 
  4. Someone else is going to give a considerable amount for some other needs that we have too.  God is always on time isn’t He. 
  5. I just feel that the Lord is moving and giving us opportunities to take part in His mission.  God is bringing people who have similar goals.  In other words, these people want to do what God wants. 
  6. I have heard some talking about having a passion for Christ, our church, and our community.  They did not know that this is what I have been asking for. 
  7. There is a core that seems to be bonding.
  8. The devil seems to be turning some heat up against us. 

 Things that we will have to guard against.

  1. Fussing about others.  This will kill progress at church quickly. 
  2. Hidden anger.  A quiet desire for new people to go away because they are taking part in ministry with us. 
  3. Not supporting others.  This occurs when people don’t like the direction that the church is going in so they will not encourage, will not support by working in the ministry, will not support ministry with prayer, and will not support ministry financially when able, or even when God desires the support. 
  4. Gossipping about others.  This occurs when people are not focusing on the great work that God wants to do.  Instead these people become idle, when not following Christ, and this is when Satan moves in.
  5. Not allowing personal tribulations to distract us from God’s mission. 
  6. We must not submit to the urge to keep things the same way.  God is the Potter and we are His clay.  

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