Looking back at Sunday services

God continues to send visitors to our church.  Praise the Lord!  Why is this important?  Because even though it is tough for a small church to grow, God is giving our church the opportunity to minister to others.  Consider this observation . . . contrary to popular belief, God cares about church buildings and property, as He does the earth that we live on, but He is more concerned about the people in those buildings and on this earth.  Jesus died and rose to life from the dead, not for a building or piece of real estate, but for all of humanity.  So, if God is more worried about the people, then that means that He is entrusting us, possibly, with their care.   I would call this an evidence that we are headed in the right direction in God’s eyes. 

The bad news for today is that I think I rushed my sermon.  I felt that I was off and not connecting during our AM service.  But, in our PM service, which rarely has visitors and only half of our members show up for, I felt I was connecting and in the Spirit.  Bobby Massengale performed our special music in our family life center which allows us to have a coffee house atmosphere.  He sang Long Black Train, Me and God, and What I like about Sunday, and etc.

We are getting younger people in, while keeping our mature people, and this is becoming a good mix.  I am beginning to get a vision for our church that will help me to become a better pastor and involve more people in ministry.


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