Campmetting message #2 by Dr. Ott

“What on earth are you here for; for Heaven’s sake?”

Scripture: Mark 1:16-21, Mark 9:33-34, Mark16:1617

Brick carriers:

1 person carries bricks at a haphazard pace because he has a job.  This person looks at life as a vicious cycle.

Another person carries bricks at a fast pace because he has a career.  The person with a career is always looking at the next step.  These people miss everything that life is about; love, time with children, and etc.

The last person carries bricks for a cause.  This person dies to self, and if it is for the sake of Christ, care for others and Christ’s mission is inserted in place of a vicious cycle of life, and only looking at self instead of the more important things of life.   

I don’t know if I told this story right, but you get the picture. 

So pastors and laymen, “What on earth are we doing here; for Heaven’s sake?”

My take:

Those of us who struggle to serve in a local church must decide why we serve.  Is it a job?  Career?  Or, a cause? 

It is amazing how much frustration and failure that I can endure when I am serving a cause.  Of course, Christ is not a cause, He is a Person.  But, if I have truly surrendered my life to Christ, then He continues to transform me into His Image.  Therefore, I take part in His cause.  My heart is with His Heart so that means we serve together for His cause which is to save and redeem everything. 

If we lose sight of the Person, then we lose sight of the cause.  This means that our frustrations in ministry, and at church, will eventually overwhelm us.  Consider, Jesus, the Person, rejoices wit us when things go well.  On the other hand, He hurts with us with things don’t go so well.

To the priesthood of all believers, “What on earth are we here for; for Heaven’s sake?”  Pastors do not get stuck in a job or a career.  Take part with Chirst, “suffer with Him, like a good soldier.”


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