Camp meeting sermon outline from Dr. Ott

Those of us who serve small churches need to apply this passage to each of our situations.  Especially when we are easily frustrated and want to give up and quit. 

Mark 6:45-50

“LIving in the eye of the storm”

Every community has had at least one big storm and everyone still talks about it.  Even after years.  Mine was the Blizzard of 77 in Indiana.  Yet, some storms are one word: cancer, bankruptcy, divorce, widowed, and etc.

3 lessons of this passage in Mark

1. You can be in the center of the storm and at the same time in the center of God’s will.

  • Jesus told His disciples to get into the boat and go across the lake.  He knew there was a storm coming.
  • Strange territory and there is no landmark that is recognizable which makes us fear.

2.  Don’t ever give up; even if it looks like the ship is going down.

  • The disciples were straining with the oars against the wind for 9 hours.
  • Ist it possible that if they quit rowing, then there is no boat for Jesus to get into?
  • It’s always too soon to quit.
  • A Holy life is obedience; like keeping the boat afloat.

3. Even though you can’t figure God out you still have to be willing to let God, even though you are terrified.

  • Knowing you’re not alone in the darkness is worth hanging in there.

The mark of a Holy life is not success; it is obedience of trusting the heart of God. 

This is what many small church goers and pastors are called to today.  This sermon spoke to me, in the context of my frustration of seeing where our church stood in comparison with other Wesleyan churches in our district.  However, as Dr. Ott pointed out, for others there are storms in life that are more devestating than where our church ended up statistically.  Therefore, this outline is able to speak hope into your soul in whatever tough situation that you are in. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to quit or give up.  Let’s all hang in there together, and wait for Jesus to get into our boats.  Then we will find peace.



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4 responses to “Camp meeting sermon outline from Dr. Ott

  1. If you read the Book of acts then you did notice that the emphasis on the Holy Spirit, and distributing money, food to the local poor people was part of the reason the churches next were so popular and growing. While in contrast today many Chruches. pastors, members, adherents, are selfish cheapskates.

    Secondly all pastors, elders, ministers should be called specifically for their Ministry directly by God. Most of them today have not been called for the ministry, for they are hirelings.

    True pastors, elders, ministers would firstly daily read their Bible for one hour and pray daily for others.

  2. Scott Uselman


    Thanks for you comment. I am not sure where the book of Acts is discussed by Dr. Ott or myself in this post.

    It’s true many Christians and churches have lost their way. Judgment starts in the House of God. Yet, those who are “cheapskates” might be in need of spiritual meat instead of milk. I am more inclined to allow God to judge these people instead of me.

    Most pastors, elders, ministers that I know are called directly by God. At least, in my denomination, this is not lucrative way of earning an income. So I am not sure why anyone would want this type of employment if they were not called by God. If some do come in, however, God has His way of sifting them out.

    I am in agreement about intercessary prayer and Bible reading too. Yet, I also think that “true pastors, and etc.” are those who love the Lord with all of their hearts and their neighbors as themselves. I think that this is generally the validation of a true calling.

    Many who step into ministry, unless they are televangelists, are called by God and must follow Him solely by faith. This is a hard assignment. I hope that you will join with me in prayer for these people who may be missing the mark. They are part of the Bride of Christ and Jesus love this Bride enough that He gave Himself for her. God bless.

  3. The book of acts for me is where all pastors, elders, deacons, christians should be in daily… after all it sets th new testament church pattern.. and many churches follow their own pattern it seems and falsely say it is Biblical.. mye xpereince with many many churches

    before I had decided to, became a pastor, even of my own church, I had personally interviewed about 45 evangelical pastors, and none of them read the Bible daily, or prayed for one hour daily, or had sued the Bible in their counseling of others.. kind of of explained why they were not successful.. many stole their sermons from others, books too..

    One evangelical pastor even came to my home cause he had specially heard that I had been claiming that God can talk to me. He was disturbed because he was a pastor and he knew God did not talk to him. I did not want fight, argue with him, so I had prayed and asked God to reveal 3 of his sins, and that would close the matter. I told the pastor that he did not read the Bible one hour a day, that he did not pray for others one hour a day, and that he had made a forbidden alliance with another church.. he confessed it, repented and he next had asked me to pray for him

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