Women in leadership

I heard a person recently say that “Women are weak-minded.”  This came from a person who, anyone, would assume would know better than to say that.  This is one of those comments that you really do not know what to say in return, so you ignore it and let the person keep talking.  I don’t think ignoring it helps, but that is my excuse for not correcting this thought.  This comment was made, I assume, to hint that women are not capable of being leaders.  Here are some thoughts about that comment.

My grandma was the smartest person that I have ever known.  She only had a high school education, yet her academic skills were second to none.  Amazingly, she was smart enough to make it on her own in the late 40’s until she died in 2002.  Most today would not think that her making it was that big of a deal because we are used to seeing successful women in our society.  Yet, in her day it was a little more rare for a women to raise a child, and to, for a while, support a dead beat husband.  He finally left her after my mother was a couple of years old.  She was so smart that she was employed by a government agency which was very prestigious in that time.  Keep in mind that she had other jobs, which were not readily available for most women then.  Yet, she became a supervisor as a government employee. 

Consider that my wife is a better leader than I am.  It’s true.  If you know me, then you know that I do not like to admit that.  Nevertheless, I have watched her take the role of a leader many times.  Whatever cause, or ministry, that she is a part of she usually makes things happen so that the desired success is assurred.  She knows more about the daily operations of my household than I do.  She can do all of that while working a full-time job, which she is successful at, and earning her degree at night.   My wife is smart.  I remember when a car salesman tried to hide an extra $5000 that we would have had to pay after we signed from us.  I was ready to sign!  She nailed him down, and exposed his shady scheme, which really made for an interesting 15 minutes in his office. 

My mother also has risen to the occasion when the chips were down.  After my father left us she had to support me.  What is amazing is that she is from Baltimore, MD.  She supported me in a state that she was not familiar with, Indiana.  Even though she was outsider there, she found a way to be successful enough to put food on the table.  After her and my step-father, who was a farmer, were married she supported all of us which included a new sister, and a step-sister on the week end.   My mom is smart.  She basically ran her department at work, although she was the secretary, and took care of the needs of the other employees. 

I have a daughter.  I don’t feel comfortable in agreeing that women are weak-minded.  I believe that she can do whatever she wants to.  As a matter of fact, I expect her to be a leader some day. 

Although I do not agree with all of our leadership in Washington, I respect the women who help lead this country.  People who think that women are weak-minded should know that the United States does not allow stupid people to lead our country. 

Finally, my denomination has elected a proven leader to be one of our leaders in The Wesleyan Church.  My denomination has its history in many social issues which include women’s rights.  May be it has something to do with John Wesley’s mother who was his greatest spiritual advisor.  It has been documented that she had a very good turnout for her preaching at her house. 

So, next time I hear that kind of comment, my response will be, “I think that it is important to realize that when you say that a women is weak-minded, who is created in God’s Image, that you know you are saying that God is possibly weak-minded too.”


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  1. Great post! I too have had many strong women in my life, my mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, and my wife. I don’t know where I’d be without any of them!

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