Baseball may still be America’s past time

Here are some thoughts that I had while driving home from Atlanta last night after the Braves game.

  • With gas prices sky high, and no end in sight, going to a MLB game in our area makes for less travel.  And still provides good family fun.
  • There are 162 games a year for baseball fans.  I love the NFL, and am beginning to embrace the NBA a little with the Celtics win, but the NFL only plays 16 games a year and the NBA only plays 82 games a year.  This increases the opportunities to be able to see the teams play. 
  • Because there are so many games in the ML, they are able to offer more family pack specials.  I paid $11 a ticket for last night and sat by the right field foul pole.  Compare this with the Carolina Panthers tickets for a single game are $51-$90.  The Tennessee Titans tickets are only allowing 3000 tickets to be sold for a single game!  There is no specific word on the Atlanta Falcons single game tickets yet. 
  • Baseball seems to have less individualism in it than the NBA.  In other words, baseball still has a team attitude.  I have said in another post that most of the NBA teams rely upon one player to carry the load.  This creates players who brag, and are arrogant.  In baseball if a hitter gets on base, then he has to rely upon his teammates to bat him in.  In the NFL it is not that bad.  They have to rely on their teammates to do their jobs too.  So I cannot complain too much about the NFL not playing like a team. 
  • Okay, this is no way an opportunity to judge people who like tattoos, long hair, and shiny jewelry.  All I have to say is that for old guy like me, I still like the image of the short hair and minimal tattoos.  Call me old shcool, but that is my preference.  When I was in school it was a privilege to be part of the team.  Plus, being on the team was not about me, it was about us.  At least from the stands, it seems that baseball still has that type of characteristic.  Basically, not many are wearing all that stuff to draw attention to themselves in baseball while on the field.  
  • In baseball, a player is libal to turn around and throw a ball into the stands for some lucky kid.  I saw Paul Pierce throw his sweat bands into the stand after his games too.  But, there is something about getting a game ball that makes it a special event that connects the players with the fans.  I realize that the NFL and NBA have to spend more money for their game balls, but this is an unfortunate difference.       
  • Here is another fundamental difference in the three sports.  Consider when a fly ball is hit shallow into the outfield.  There might be 2 or 3 players who can make the play, but each player realizes that the one who calls for it gets to make the play.  Think about this for a second, one who is making 4 million might have to allow the player who is making 300 thousand catch the ball.  In the NBA, or NFL, the who is making 4 million better be the person who makes the play. 

I may flip flop on this when football starts, but right now it is good to acknowledge that baseball is refreshingly good when the economy is so bad.  Not to mention that as a parent, it is good to see less of the smack talking too, and more the team atmosphere instead.


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