Spiritual tune up

Mark Wilson has a post that I encourage many to view. 

It is scary how easy it is to learn how to play the role of a Christian.  We are always so concerned with taking ground for Christ that we forget to check to see how are relationship with Christ is. 

I had a professor, Bud Bence, who told our class about a time that he stayed at a Monastery and they were allowed to have a question and answer time.  Otherwise, they must maintain silence.  During this Q&A, someone asked why the monks were simply praying about changing the world instead of going out and changing the world.  Their answer was that us Protestants were so busy trying to change the world that do not pray. 

I hope I told that story correctly; but I think you get the picture.  I have begun to realize that it is time for a spiritual tune up in my personal life.  I fear that everything in our society is about change.  The danger for Christians is that we focus so hard on change that we forget to take care of our relationship with Christ who nourishes us with His Word and Presence. 

When was the last time that you had a Brother Lawrence moment and Practiced the Presence?  Beware of being a race car Christian with a one track mind that is only focused on running hard to win.  We must practice proper maintenance so that we can finish the race.    


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