What I need

I need someone to step up at our church.  This person will be from our community and will have a strong desire to be used by God to save people.  He, or she, will combine that desire with the need to see our church involved with ministry to the community.

I need someone to love our church.  When a church is not healthy Christians, including myself, tend to become like a pack of wild dogs who destroy the weaker dog.  Instead of us complaining, we must be motivated to be part of the solution.

I need commitment from people.  Apathy must be stamped out.  Spiritual laziness will not fly with God.  If following the command to make disciples, from Christ, does not spur us to action, then it seems that we are fooling ourselves into thinking that we are His. 

I need people who talk about our mission with others in the community all the time.  People with passion.  Enthusiasm will overcome all of our shortfalls.  This will only happen if people have confidence in God, the church, the pastor, and each other. 

I need people who want a revival.  I do not mean a three day paid speaker to come in.  I mean a revival that motivates us to action. 

Our growth, will start through the lay people.  It will be the people that God will use to fulfill His commands.  The only change that we need is a heart change.  Music and programs will not be the answer.  The answer will be that God showed up through His people. 


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