Something to consider while forwarding emails

Christians I want you to know that whoever becomes President it will be because God allowed it.  Political email that is not truthful is something that should concern any Christian.  I know where Jesus said falseness comes from.  We have to be careful not spread that stuff to others.

The Bible says that we are supposed to be careful not cause a weaker brother, or sister, to stumble.  I think that we sometimes try to protect the truth by lying.  We should consider that the truth is God’s truth and does not have to be protected by us.  Instead, we live by it, because the truth is what sets us free. 

Here is a link to another blog about this topic.  Read it.  In addition, here is a link to Obama’s web sight that is designed to combat false accusations against him.  This does not mean that I am supporting Obama.  This means that I support the truth.   


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