USA Olympic Basketball TAKE NOTES!

The Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy  Here it is!  And it is the Celtics’!

First, Congrats to the Big Three for not scoring like they have in the past.  What I mean is that these men decided that basketball is a team sport.  Teams win championships.  Individuals win personal trophies.  Personal trophies do not help franchises. 

Next, I hope our Olympic basketball team has taken notes on how to play DEFENSE, and TEAM basketball.  Unselfishness and sacrifice will always prevail.  This Celtics team played like Celtics in the 80’s. 

Finally, remember the Dream Team.  The almost passed the ball too much.  This is what it will take for the USA to recapture the Gold in the Olympics.  Oh, by the way, 3 of the best, finally got what they deserve.  A championship.  Good guys finally finish first.  This is another clue for our Olympic team. 

Let’s go get the Gold!  Go Celts!  Go USA!


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