Thoughts about MapQuest, mapping out success at Smith Chapel

Result: Out of 60 different people, who were present for at least one service, 2, I think, said this is what we as a church need to here and then do.

Issue: We had a state of the church meeting a week ago.  30 out approx. 50 were there.  I showed slides with charts on them that showed a huge loss in elementary and high school students at our church.  We all agreed that we need to pray about this.  We talked about building maintenance.  We all agreed to do something about these needs.  Hmm . . .

Issue: It seems that there is a lack of vision for ministry that seeks to transform our community and world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are thankful for our beautiful church and location. 

Issue: I am waiting on someone who will come to me with a burden, and passion, to minister to our community.  This person will have everything ready to go without me having to do it for him, or her.  This person will just want me to encourage, pray, and guide when necessary.  

Result: It seems that more money will be given, during regular tithes and offerings, when we have a need.  However, if it is tithe money, if it comes in, then we could use for needs that exist now.  

What I know: Until we are united in the desire to have young people at our church, we will not.  Youth and children’s ministry is only successful when the students can feel and see when the congregation wants them to be there.  There is no possible way that one person can do the ministry alone.  It takes a team.  Leadership will have to get behind the vision first.  This will take sacrifice on their part as well as commitment.  Leadership is not about thinking for the church.  It is about serving the church. 

We are a Holiness denomination.  What does this mean?  It is supposed to mean that we have surrendered our lives to Christ, which means that He has first place in all that we do.  A rule of thumb to remember is that Holiness does not exist to fill the church.  Holiness exists to fill the world with God’s goodness.  Holiness empowers Christians to bring the good news to the lost; and is not limited to just simply a word that demonstrates spiritual superiority.  Yes, we are delivered from our desire to sin which is replaced with a desire for Him.  This in turn, means, that we desire to do His will which is to transform our community and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   

Where does this leave our church?  Simply put.  If we are not multiplying, then we do not really have a desire for Jesus. 


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