Following the map to success at Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church pt. 4

This was the final installment of our MapQuest series.  This series was designed to give us direction to success in fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ.  This series was meant to help us, as church, to become outward focused instead of inward focused.  I beleive that the answer to growth is being missional about spreading the Word of God; the Good News.  


The text:Mark 8:34-38

We are on a long journey together.  There will be days when we will want to give up.  To be successful as a church means that we will all have to sacrifice together and practice total allegiance to Jesus Christ and His mission.  Smith Chapel will have to focus upon Christ while ignoring the various distractions that world has to offer.  Mark wrote that Jesus expects total allegiance to a church who was being killed for following Christ.  This type of example should speak volumes to the American Christian that only has to fear people making fun of us; or disagreeing with us.  Jesus gives three reminders that should help Smith Chapel to fulfill her mission.

  1. We must deny our self to complete our mission-we must remember, as Mark Driscoll has said, God does not exist for us, but we exist for Him.
  2. We must not deny Christ during our mission-when sacrificing the journey becomes long and personal goals seem more natural to us.  If our allegiance gets divided, then we are dangerously close to denying Christ. 
  3. We must deny the world to benefit from the mission-according to Jesus, those who seek comfortable life and profit and do not deny the world, these are not making wise decisions.

The world has a lot to offer for a short time, and sacrifice and allegiance can make the mission seem long.  Yet, Jesus would desire us to focus on what He has called us to do, “Transforming our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” 



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