The Wesleyan Church General Superintendant Dr. JoAnne Lyon

Some thoughts about the election of Dr. Lyon from a “grass root” Wesleyan pastor.

I have only met Dr. Lyon once in passing after she brought a message at a Southern Wesleyan University chapel.  I remember what struck me about her was that she really takes part in serving the Lord in the trenches.  Many leaders talk about new ideas and how they arrived at their “time of rest.”  Yet, Dr. Lyon, it seemed to me, was not interested in resting.  Instead, she was “pushing on toward the prize” as Paul would say. 

Her ministry is not the glamorous type.  In other words, she is not talking about how to start a church that ministers to young professionals who do not embrace certain types of music played during worship service.  In contrast, she does not seem to have time to worry about worship styles because she has chosen to minister to the “Least of these.” 

What is odd about this type of ministry is that these people that she chooses to serve are not able to tithe a lot of money to the Church.  As a matter of fact, these people generally are in need of resources from the church.  Here is where many leaders tend to not feel led to minister; basically, God does not seem to call many to minister to the least of these out of college; or if ever.  Hmm. . .

Many of my Wesleyan brothers and sisters are mostly happy because our denomination has elected a woman to be one of our leaders.  And, there are some who are frustrated because they believe that the Wesleyan Church has gone against a “strict biblical guidelines” for leadership.  Let me pause here.  Why is it that so many Christians get in an uproar about gender and leadership, and do not get in an uproar about “the least of these” going without resources to survive?  Many of “the least of these” do not even have control over their own bodies.  Funny how Christians will leave a church over “biblical guidelines for leadership” in regard to gender, but not because a church is not doing enough for “the least of these;” Jesus.  Back to my earlier thought.  I can follow a person that God has already used to minister to “the least of these.” 

I suppose Dr. Lyon gets my endorsement, which is worth a widow’s mite, because she responded, and responds, to Jesus’ message of caring for the outcasts.  Now, I understand that some might want a person with great “leadership” qualities.  But, God always seems to get someone in a great position of influence, who will listen to Him, and do what He says.

I say, “Wow!  Dr. Lyon,  get us back on mission!”  I am a “grass root” that she does not know, but I welcome this opportunity for our church.  Please, Dr. Lyon, continue to take direction from God.



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2 responses to “The Wesleyan Church General Superintendant Dr. JoAnne Lyon

  1. Jeannine Hosey

    Where is the Wesleyan church in assisting Pence and the pizza place? Why are we allowing the media and the LGBT to dictate what we believe and do. Langokhosey@

  2. Scott Uselman

    I have been following bits and pieces of this story. As far as I know The Wesleyan Church has not made an official statement about Indiana’s law. I’m not sure The Wesleyan Church is taking any direction on this issue anywhere except from The Bible.

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