Following the map to success at Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church pt. 3

We continued to show the map to success in fulfilling our church’s mission Sunday.  In this series, MapQuest, we have shown that teaching God’s truth, training to serve, and touching lives will guide us as we fulfill our mission.   Our mission is to “Transform our community and our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The text: Luke 10:25-37

Touching Lives

Compassion is the result of what is in the heart.  Most Christians have a wealth of knowledge about the Word of God just as the Pharisees did.  Yet, the Pharisees did not get their knowledge from their heads into their hearts.  And/or they did not let their knowledge of the Law, love God, love your neighbors, flow into their hearts and out to their hands.  They lacked compassion.  Therefore, when Jesus said, “Go and do likewise,” they forgot the “do” because they did not have compassion to motivate them.  Compassion is what we seek to have as a church so that we can take part in the Christ’s mission to save and redeem. 

  1. Compassion responds to need-we are compelled to meet the needs of our community when we come across them.
  2. Compassion gives-we are not content to make tithing the end.  Instead, it is the beginning.  We are not content to point the person who has need somewhere else because we embrace the opportunity to give with compassion.
  3. Compassion affects eternal life-Jesus pointed to the neighbor (Samaritan) as an example of someone who is doing what it takes to receive eternal life.  Real faith in Christ brings action from those who believe when someone is in need.  Just believing in Jesus and having knowledge of Scripture without action is shaky ground.

If our church will take this approach and serve Christ wholeheartedly, we will be successful in fulfilling Christ’s mission.  The Word of God should be followed by head, heart, and hand.  Check this video out.  How many of these people have knowledge of the Word of God, but it is not in their hearts, or their hands?


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