Following the map to success at Smith Chapel Wesleyan pt. 2

This last week, Pastor Jon, preached the next installment in our MapQuest series which will hopefully be our “driving directions” to success at our church.  Here is the link to Jon’s blog with the outline of his sermon.  This was a very good presentation of our vision to train our people to serve.  Jon demonstrated with his talk the importance of proper motivation for Christ’s mission, the need to identify our community’s needs, and the need for passion from our people to accomplish Christ’s goals. 

We must have people who are driven by passion for joining Jesus in saving and redeeming our community.  Passion is something that cannot be taught.  As a matter of fact, it has to be given by God.  Techniques can be taught, but passion cannot.  This is important to understand especially since we live in a day where we can be taught endless techniques at many conventions. 

Christians, when will we realize that passion and proper motives are best when we are trying to build Christ’s Kingdom?  Oh, I how long for us to be a church of people who have passion!



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2 responses to “Following the map to success at Smith Chapel Wesleyan pt. 2

  1. I’m so with you bro! Let’s keep praying for that. I know I want a church full of passion!

  2. dannywithjesus

    yes me too. OH JESUS TRANSFORM EVERYTHING let us have revival

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