So close

While checking my blog out tell your friends to check it out too because I am so close to 500 hits.  I know, if I was writing about interesting things it would make a difference.  But, hey!  You can’t have it all.   Other guys, well, they are way out in front of me.  I guess I am developing a complex over this issue.   So help my self-esteem out. 

If you don’t have any friends, then you can still help.  Simply click to another web page and then come back to mine a couple of times.  This will double the hits for me. 

If you choose not to help me, then I will come up with something else to increase my traffic.  If I have to, I will place a link to Perry Noble’s blog in my blog roll.  I have not done this yet, because I am certain that he is already promoted well enough.  I am just kidding, I read his blog too. 

I will think of something eventually . . . stay tuned. 



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2 responses to “So close

  1. Well, here’s another hit.

    You have two persons (including me) who subscribe to your blog through

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