10 Goals that I still need to meet

  1. Develop a core group who are sold out for Jesus Christ.
  2. Establish our mid-week children’s service.
  3. Develop a strong group from core group who want to serve Jesus and use our church as the place to do it.
  4. Figure out, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, how each person who has been placed at our church by the Holy Spirit, can be most successful in Christ’s mission. 
  5. Develop a successful small group.
  6. Develop teachers and ministers for Sunday school success.
  7. Find someone who gets pumped up about our mission to reach our community.  Someone who actually takes matters into their own hands and tries something.  Even if it is crazy.
  8. Establish the urgency and burden for our mission.
  9. Show our congregation that we do not have to be attractional and show them that mission will be the attraction.  We do not have the facilities or the talent to be attractional, but we can be realistic and expect God to have a different purpose for Smith Chapel.
  10. Find someone who can keep me organized since this is my greatest struggle as of now. 

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