Pray for the Chapman family

A great tragedy struck one of my favorite Christian singers last night; Steven Curtis Chapman.  They lost their 5 year old daughter Maria who was accidentally run over by their SUV.  Sadly, Chapman’s son was driving and did not see his sister.   This family will need God’s help through this time so that they can heal.

Please pray for this family for their loss and especially for their son.

Here is the link to Chapman’s web site in case you are not familiar with him as a performer. 



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2 responses to “Pray for the Chapman family

  1. Just one reason we need to stay in touch. Life is too short to let relationships slip by.

    So shoot me an email TODAY! I really want to catch up. I would email you but I don’t have yours.

    This way we can exchange phone numbers and stay in touch a little bit better.

    Praying for you bro.

    – Austin

  2. Listen when you have the chance – –

    God bless,

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