Mapping out Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church’s mission

After reading a book by Mark Driscoll, and experiencing similar results as youth pastor in Indiana, with help from our youth pastor, I have tried to map out our route to success as a church.  Our mission is to be a church “Transforming our community and our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  Link to my last sermon.  You should know that I got my sermon’s three points from Driscoll (45).   

My job is to help our congregation to buy into this mission statement.  Our church will have to beleive that God has everyone that He needs right now, at Smith Chapel, to move forward with Him while taking part in His mission. 

The first area that we need to deal with as a church is with our children’s ministry.  Simply said, we only have a few children at our church right now.  This has to be changed ASAP. 

The Holy Spirit will have to create an urgency and burden in our congregation about our community and its young people.  In other words, our people must be heart-sick about what is happening to our local people who are living without Christ. 

Our people will have to learn to “walk by faith, and not sight.”  This means that they cannot rely humans, money, and sometimes logic.  It will all come down to simple faith in God.  With gas as high as it is, we will have to trust God to supply our need for gas to pick children up.     

Finally, our people must grasp that followers of Jesus Christ are priests who bring God’s Kingdom to earth.  They will have to understand that the most fruitful ministry is performed by laymen.  If this happens, then we will communicate without words that we want new people, and children, at our church.  Otherwise,  whoever comes may not stay.        

One more thing, our motive cannot simply be to grow, or to find others to help with our finances, but it must be to share Christ in Word and deed.  We must be motivated by love for God and others.  This will motivate us to want the community to know that Jesus saves. 


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  1. Cody Thomas

    Powerful thoughts, Scott! You really seem to have a true passion to see people find the love of Jesus! That’s also a good book by Mark Driscoll. I enjoyed it.

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