10 things to do when mid-life crisis sets in

Disclaimer; this is if I had the money, time, and guts.  Plus, sorry ladies, this is only for men this time.

  1. Since this time of life only comes once, it is important that the first thing to do is the right thing, so I recommend buying a Harley. 
  2. It is best not to stop there with simply owning a Harley.  Proper Harley clothing must be bought for you and your spouse.
  3. Check out all concert events that are in the area.  It may be best to attend a Poison reunion tour.  Van Halen has already been in my area; and I missed it.  Good news, Eddie Money is still around some.  Aerosmith is still going strong too.
  4. As 40 approaches, the smart money is to invest in a 1969 Camaro Rally Sport convertible.  Or, for a more economical car, I also recommend buying the new Chevrolet Camaro too.  Yeah!
  5. If you have the proper car, then you really need to consider trying to look good one last time.  Lose weight.  Start lifting weights.  Some guys like me might even consider hair implants.  For sure, most of us should, at least, invest in some hair coloring. 
  6. For those of us who are a little less financially stable I recommend watching some of those hot cool TV commercials.  These will teach you about what is cool right now.  What is more, you can also learn the new catch phrases that are current.  Learn them.  Make them part of your vocabulary in every day normal conversations.  You will feel good about yourself, especially, when you are communicating to those “younger people.”
  7. Some other things that can be done to help us guys feel good include get out your old high school trophies, if you played sports, and display them.  Find someone who was not around, like a son, or a daughter, and tell them how you won the games.  They will never know if you are telling the truth or not.   You might consider getting a yearbook out and browsing through it.  This will remind you of what it was like to still have dreams; before reality set in. 
  8. TV Land is a good choice for those of us who want to just stay home.   This station still shows some of the good 70’s and 80’s sitcoms.  Then find some young people who happen to be close by and begin to tell them how TV used to be funny; for real. 
  9. I also recommend playing video games.  It is a real thrill to beat the young people.  This is good payback on them.  This will give the illusion that you are still on top.  And, you can still do anything. 
  10. Finally, I recommend just blowing your money.  But this must done with only you in mind.  Besides, your children must learn to take care of themselves sooner or later. 

Keep in mind, these are not professional recommendations.  As a matter of fact, one might say that these are Scott centered thoughts.  More later .  . . 


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