Fav 5 (Interpreting Christian lingo)

  1. When a Christian says, “I am chosen.”  This means that he, or she, is going to Heaven therefore this person does not have to take any responsibility to live according to the gospel.
  2. When a Christian says, “I don’t feel the Spirit here.”  This means that he, or she, is mad at the pastor, or the church that the person attends.  This person is seeking another place of worship.  This phrase brings about a wonderful release of responsibility to seek the Spirit and peace in fellowship.  
  3. When a Christian says, “You are unteachable.”  This means that he, or she, is frustrated with the person who will not agree with them.  Or, this might mean that he, or she, thinks a person is hard-headed because of a different view point.  This is usually used by a Christian who is upset with another because the other person believes something else. 
  4. When a Christian talks about being “Raptured out” continually this means that he, or she is done with the world.  That Christian is looking for an escape from responsibility to others in most cases. 
  5. When a Christian tells another that “You sin every day in word thought and deed.”  This means that he, or she does not even try to stop sinning.  This person thinks that if he, or she, can convince other Christians of this, then the guilt won’t be so bothersome. 


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5 responses to “Fav 5 (Interpreting Christian lingo)

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  2. Cody Thomas

    Great thoughts! I’m definitely with you on hating these phrases!

  3. waderog

    I always get nervous when Christians pray that God will “undertake” for them. Does this mean they want God to perform thier funeral?

  4. Scott Uselman

    Who is Mark Van Steenwyk? I wrote this blog.

  5. isnessie

    Interesting thoughts. My ‘favourite’ as a Christian was when people told me “Oh, you’ve been on my heart!” (sometimes accompanied with “I’ve been praying for you), especially if we’d disagreed over something and they’d been hacked off at me before that. As if it weren’t obvious that the message was “I know you must have serious problems with sin or satan is misleading you because what you said/did wasn’t right, so I prayed for you, because you really need it. I’m just so thankful God has given me the ability to forgive and love you so that I can pray for you. Isn’t he wonderful (you heathen)”…

    Just a thought.

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