To all discouraged ministers

After spending a certain amount of time in ministry, one is likely to feel the drain of joy eventually, and this drain of joy will eventually lead to discouragement.  When discouragement sets in on those who minister to others there is an overwhelming urge to give up.  Here are a few suggestions.

First, when a minister is overwhelmed with discouragement he or she must remember the moment that God enlightened that person for His mission.  After all, discouragement is the seed of giving up because all seems hopeless.  Remembering the moment that the Holy Spirit brought peace and confirmation in the heart will be like hitting the reset button. 

I have personally found that there are times, while in the middle of discouragement that I have to remember how God spoke to me when He called me to that particular situation.  Nevertheless, those are times that I need to hear from God again so that He can tell me that I am going to be fine.  

What if God does not say anything to me when I am discouraged?  Confusion can set in when this happens.  This could mean that He spoke earlier, but I didn’t listen.  This could also mean that He is testing me too.  I had a friend back in Indiana who was married for 49 years!  He used to tell me that his wife would ask him why he never told her that he loved her.  His reply was that he told her that he loved her 49 years ago, and if there had been any change he would have told her so.  

Now, I don’t recommend this type of reply for a marriage.  However, could this reply get at the issue of God being silent?     

Secondly, those who are willing to fight discouragement must read their Bibles.  My family and I struggled greatly a few years ago.  We overcame that by reading through the book of Matthew together.  The TV was off and we read 4 chapters a night.  It was not long before happiness and faith were restored.  And, God took care of the hard situation that we were in. 

Last of all, if the first two suggestions do not work, then here are some other recommendations.  Try watching some Clint Eastwood movies.  Or, some older guy flicks like The Karate Kid.  Some others that are guaranteed to cheer you up are: Billy Jack, Rambo, Rocky, and etc.  Sorry ladies, I don’t know many other remedies for you.  May be The Bridges of Madison County?  🙂  


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