Why Christians lose momentum and seek another church

Have you ever wondered why Christians start out following Jesus Christ on fire and then fizzle out?  Then in the middle of fizzling out they will look for the best church to attend to have their needs met.  I have.  I think at times, people come into God’s Kingdom with a lot of promise, but then, out of nowhere, boredom sets in.  After boredom sets in, then frustration takes over.  In the middle of frustration, anger finds its place.  Before anyone realizes what is happening, he or she contemplates taking a break from serving Christ.  When this happens doubt tends to emerge in the believer’s mind.  Further, doubt keeps company with discouragement.  Then church hunting to fill a need in the heart starts.  If this sounds familiar to you read on.  If this makes no sense, then read on as a warning.

Here are some reasons why the symptoms listed above become manifest in a follower of Christ’s heart.  Sometimes when a Christian is continually “doing” he or she will not take the time to be alone with Christ.  Then there are times when a Christian loses vigor.  Losing vigor can usually be traced back to God’s blessing in the person’s life.  Consider someone who did not have much of anything before Christ.  Then he or she found the Lord and after a while, as this person began to live in obedience to God, blessings started accumulating.  Finally, happiness and satisfaction set in.  When this happens, unfortunately, the Christian falls in love with his or her life.  This becomes a distraction.  These people tend to stay at their church and grind out Sunday after Sunday and nothing changes because they don’t want it to.   

Then there are those who were full of passion because they wanted to change the world for Christ and others.  These serve, as all Christians are supposed to, and serving is how they are fed spiritually.  Sadly, after a while, they take a break because they are tired.  Then they consider it to be another person’s turn to serve.  Now here is where it gets a little weird.  All Christians are called to be servants.  When they do not serve the fire begins to go out.  Consider Eli in 1 Samuel whose “light had not yet gone out.”  He began to observe from his stool.  Guess what?  If you don’t serve you will decline in your spiritual health.  When someone is tired it is time to seek the Lord aggressively. 

There does not seem to be a retirement plan in the Bible.  Here is something to ponder.  If we are going to have responsibility in Heaven, then why not here?  I think many of us think that Heaven should be in this life.  In other words, now is a time of rest.  But now is the time to serve.  Reward is in the next life.  Bringing Heaven to earth, or bringing God’s Kingdom to earth, does not mean rest and relaxation.  Instead it means that love and justice exist through His people. 

Christian, if you are looking for churches that meet your needs because you have lost momentum at your present place of worship, could it be that you are not in the fight?  Could it be that you are not really serving?  Please, you must know that when Christ has Lordship in your life that means He has transformed you into a servant.  You will never be happy being served, because your joy only comes from serving others. 



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2 responses to “Why Christians lose momentum and seek another church

  1. Phillip Modlin

    Right on!!! Great post! I’ll be a stealin’ that baby.

  2. WOW. Somebody let Scott start a blog… We are surely in trouble now! JK bro, this is actually pretty good stuff. Very impressive!!!

    I will certainly have to start checking it out on a more regular basis.

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