What is a missions trip supposed to look like?

Missionary Immersion is a technique that occurs when Christians take a short term missions trip not to minister according to traditional ways; instead they receive hospitality.   Check out this article and decide for yourself is this is right or wrong. 

Let’s look at Matthew 10:1-15.  It seems that both sides of this issue is addressed.  Missionaries take the gospel to people, along with benefit of some sort, and they also experience the people’s hospitality. 

Jesus was alerting the lost to the fact that the Kingdom of God is at hand.  Isn’t this the first priority of missionaries?  It appears that Christ was somehow testing those whom the disciples went to.  If they showed them hospitality, then peace would come to that house.  However, if they did not show hospitality to His disciples, the disciples’ peace would return back to them. 

On the other hand, Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7.  Charity is a major theme in this discourse.  We cannot say that Missionary Immersion, or reverse missions, is wrong.  It seems that it coincides with charity of the missionary who takes the gospel to others. 

What do you think?   


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