Losing Accountability


Click this link for an article about on-line confession.  Whatever your stance is on confession as a Christian, one thing we might all agree on is that many Christians do not take time to confess their sins to God let alone to each other anymore.  This is not good since confessing sin creates accountability to God and others.  My concern  is that on-line confessing of sin may not hold the person accontable to stop.  On the other hand, may be it is a step in the right direction.  It could be that the over all concern is that confessing sin is rare today.  Here are some things to consider about confession. 

Most Christians do not confess their sins at all.  A possible reason for this might be that confession is too time consuming.  Consider that people are too busy to stop what they are doing to search their hearts and to review their actions during each day.  Most Christ followers believe that they will simply confess their sins to God in one general sweep of prayer which may sound like this, “Forgive me Lord for my sins.  Thank you.  Amen.” 

Another reason that Christians do not confess sin is that they have been covered by the Blood of Christ.  Therefore, they have moved into a particular special status where God no longer sees the sin in their lives.  Someone who thinks along these lines may say, “I can’t help sinning.  This is why Jesus died for my sins.  He no longer looks at my sin because the Blood of Christ has somehow blinded God to a believer’s sin.”

Another reason that Christians do not confess sin may be that they actually believe that they are incapable of sinning since they have Christ in their hearts.  Yet, this beleif does not consider that temptation still exists in the world.  Those who think like this may say, “Jesus took away my desire to sin.  He eradicated my sinful nature.”  This type of thinking might allow someone to really beleive that he or she could not sin even if it was desired. 

Then there are those who confess sin to God but not to others.  These Christians likely do not believe in community worship.  Some of these may have a fixation with being judged.  Possibly, some are in competition with others to be Holiest.  Confessing to God alone keeps problems out of the limelight so that particular status’ are maintained.  Perfect appearance is the key with these people.  What is more, this allows people like this to continue in the sin that they desire.  

Humble Christians will connect with God through Christ.  These disciples will consider it important to connect with Christ through His Bride; the Church.  When these Christians confess their sin to God they will name that particular sin that has bothered them.  As a result, by acknowledging their sin to God, and others, they are able to win the battle over sin.  This happens because accountability with God, and other followers, demands that these people work on stopping those things that are harmful to others and displeasing before God.  Yet, the battle is won by a combination of God’s grace and human desire.     

So my question was whether or not on-line confession serves the person needing forgiveness in a way that will help him or her to gain victory and forgiveness over sin.  I think time will tell.  One thing is certain; if more Christians took confession more seriously there might be less sin.  There might even be a fresh experience with Christ for them and the rest of the world.  Then there might be real love and peace on earth toward each other. 


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  1. omg.. good work, bro

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