Britney Spears Theology

I watch the news a lot.  Generally, I see Britney Spears nightly being reported upon.  She is usually being chased by photographers, that we call paparazzis, which I genuinely am sick of seeing.  Spears is usually the subject of a story that reveals that she is struggling with mental problems.  We watch her social life while she is out with her friends.  We watch every failure that she makes.  We watch her tragedies; like losing her children to a man who likely is after her money. 

While watching all these things happen to her we think to ourselves things like, “That is what happens when you do what you do!”  Or, “Since she does not serve God, this is what she gets!”  Or, “This is the price she must pay for being rich and famous.”  We tend to be without compassion for this young girl who is obviously miserable.  Is it possible that we enjoy seeing her fail deep inside?

Nobody really wants to help her without expecting something in return.  There are a few voices out there that seem to be concerned about this young girl’s life; but not many.  Everybody is waiting for the eventual self-destruction that may occur because of her mental estate.  The countdown is on.

This is much like many Christians today in America.  Those who are poor and without a relationship with Jesus Christ are watched by many in the American Church too.  When bad things happen to those who do not serve Christ the way we think they should, similar thoughts occur that many have about Britney Spears’ situation. 

Many Christians watch for the inevitable crash of the world because of the sins of those who are not Christians.  The American Church seems to sit back while many are simply being judged like Spears.  Like Spears, instead of the churches seeking ways to help those in need, we are more content to watch their lives crumble to the ground like Spears’ is.  All the while we are supposed to be lending a hand to those who are need. 

Is the American Church practicing a type of Britney Spears Theology?  Are we content to say to ourselves that we are seeing people get what they deserve because they do not know Christ?  I think that Jesus would have us care for both Britney Spears and the poor, even though they do not serve Jesus Christ, so that no more pain is inflicted into their lives. 

It is a crude analogy the poor who do not know Christ and a rich young girl whom we may assume does not know Christ either.  Yet, both of these examples demonstrate an apathy that exists out of a heart that judges and secretly enjoys seeing the decline of those who are not what we think they should be.  I think Jesus is troubled in His heart about all of this.  It just seems to me that the same type of spirit is evident in both of these tragic situations.  Some who have the ability and resources to help don’t because they are caught up in all of “watching.” 

Let’s get on board with caring for others because we care about what God cares about; us and them.  Strange that there is a divide isn’t there?



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3 responses to “Britney Spears Theology

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Eric Hundin

  2. waderog

    Awesome post man. Great perspective. There’s not a whole lot of compassion out there for her, her sister, or her family. We’d rather watch her crash and burn than extend a hand of compassion.

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