Finding a way to be fruitful in ministry with God pt. 2

My first youth meeting was interesting.  I remember being in the basement of the church on a Wednesday night.  I placed my Bible down on a table that was donated to our church by the Mecca Historical Society; this meant that it was special.  I had one 7th grade teenage girl come.  After staring at each other for a couple of minutes, because she did not know what a youth group was and either did I, we talked and prayed. 

I finally opened the Bible and read to her.  Whew!  She must have thought I was a dork.  Don’t answer that in the comment section.  I asked questions and she just answered them with simple yes and no’s.  What was really bad was that I was getting paid $25 a week.  I felt terrible about collecting money for one youth.  I brainstormed during that meeting about what I could do to get more teens to come.  I felt like I was cool in high school, so I should be a cool youth pastor.  In other words, I should be able to come up with a great activity.  I finally came up with bowling. 

Amazingly, this girl brought a couple of friends the next week.  What is more, these teens did not know anything about the Bible.  So I began searching through the Wesleyan Publishing House Catalog.  I finally found a teen work book and bought 5 of them.  Little did I know, that one of those books would be enough.  They were simply leader’s guides.  The point is that opening the Bible was not working.  It was important to try things to make the youth meeting interesting.  I continued to experiment with different curriculum and ordered idea books.  You must do whatever it takes to figure the situation that you are in out. 

The bottom line to me is that you are being fruitful, and in my case, earning that $25 by experimenting.  In other words, if something is not working, stop and move to something else.  Don’t just give up.  Remember, God placed you there because He believes in you.  Plus, teens need people who at least try to connect with them in ways that show them that they are valued. 


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  1. Madonna Babyak

    You were cool in high school and I am so proud of you as a man. I thank God that you let Him use you to reach the youth of Mecca and the surrounding community. With God’s help, keep up the good work.

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