Just thinking

As a pastor, I have noticed that many wonder why there is not more done for those who are in need. Plus, many debate from time to time about why the church does not grow. Is it because many of us, Christians, focus more on legalism than doing the will of God which is showing true religion by taking care of widows and orphans? Here is what I mean. One issue that makes me tired all over is whether or not churches should switch to contemporary, or stay traditional. It used to be that we were all fighting against dress codes, or versions of the Bible that are not KJV. Now, it is about traditional music or modern music. Or, it is about a production stage instead of a pulpit. I like it all! I just don’t understand why these issues have to have anything to do with whether or not someone attends a church. Or, whether or not someone actually places his or her self in a position to help the poor, if this person does not attend church. What ever happened to allowing the Holy Spirit, if you are a Christian, to lead you to the church that He wants you in? Instead, people travel around looking for a place that fits their taste. In other words, people are looking for a culture instead of allowing God to use them to create His culture (Kingdom) on earth. What about the fighting that goes on within the church, at the local level, about the style of worship? I think there are legalists in the tradional worship camp. Likewise, I think there are legalists in the contemporary worship camp. Depending on the church, you may feel that you better think that traditional music is the right way to worship or people will look at you in disgust. The same goes for contemporary. If you don’t agree that modern music is the best way to worship then you are looked at as someone who is out of touch with the Spirit. I can’t win. Jesus can’t win. The whole time that this debate is taking place people are going to bed hungry somewhere, or someone is waiting to hear about Jesus Christ. For example, I just took a grocery store gift card to a lady who didn’t have any groceries. All she wanted me to do was pray for her. We don’t realize that people just want Jesus. All of this other stuff is a distraction. My question is how many churches, that God wants to use, do not ever get used because of the overwhelming “Me” factor?


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  1. Kenny

    Spot on, Old Deluder!

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