The Positives and Negatives of Pure Focus Conference

We had our Pure Focus Conference Saturday. It was a success! Our youth pastor delivered a quality conference that challenged teenagers to embrace abstinence. Praise the Lord that most made commitments and many were challenged to maintain previous commitments; and many were told about the forgiveness of Jesus Christ and His ability to make all things new. Again, I praise the Lord because He helped our small congregation to step out on faith by praying and giving so that we could minister to the teenagers in our community and district. Pastor Jon hired quality speakers, teachers, and musicians who were used by God to encourage those who attended to live lives focused on purity. Unfortunately, there was a downside to things. We were disapointed that many who were supposed to be there were not. There were verbal commitments made to our youth pastor who promoted this conference in our district. Our church strives to be a part of something bigger, The Wesleyan Church, who strives to be a part of the Universal Church. Yet, attendance was off. I have thought a lot about what could have been more important than rounding up our teenagers for one more Saturday event that was designed with them in mind. So many times church services are not really designed with teenagers in mind, but this conference was. Therefore, where was everybody? My hope is that those who follow Christ are committed to Him and each other. Our church is committed to ministry to young people and all people, but it continues to baffle me why some never consider taking part in this with us.


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