10 things I would do if I were a mega-church pastor

1. We would have a creative paid staff.
2. We would spend time helping struggling churches to become turn-arounds.
3. We would seek out small churches who are one staff person away from a breakthrough and pay for their staff person for two years.
4. We would have a fund drive that would allow my church to develop an extreme makeover contest for a small church with a big vision. Imagine the fun that could be had by showing video clips of pastors and lay leaders who would pitch why they deserve the makeover.
5. We would help Hephzibah Children’s Home in better ways.
6. We would concentrate on planting churches for the kingdom.
7. We would offer free counseling to the community.
8. We would offer free tutoring to children and teens.
9. We would offer scholarships to our people who want to better their lives.
10. We would have food and clothing for those who are need.


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