Ash Wednesday and Lent

I want to point out to everyone that observing Ash Wednesday service and taking part in Lent may be misunderstood. Some may not feel comfortable taking part in an Ash Wednesday service, or taking part in Lent. Likely, this is because these times are just uncomfortable for many. In other posts, Ash Wednesday was written about in regard to its purpose. However, Lent has not been written about; at least on my blog. Lent is a time of observing repentance and suffering for those who follow Christ. It is a time to repent of sin that may be plaguing a Christian. Further, it is a time to reflect upon the suffering of Christ on our behalf. We do this by giving something up during the 40 days prior to Easter; excluding Sundays. When people have trouble participating in this type of observance, I cannot help thinking that it is because most do not want to sacrifice anything from their lives. Consider, that most today, in the Christian ranks, desire to figure out how to use God in a way that He will give us something that we want. Yet, Christianity is based upon giving something up. If we do not ever participate in these observances then how do we participate with the Universal Church? Last time I checked, the Universal Church is the Bride of Christ. I encourage all of you to participate during this season of Lent with us. For those of you in my church, I ask you to participate. Remember, if I did not think it was beneficial to our worship of Christ, I would not have asked everyone to take part. God bless you all.


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