The Church should show the way to reconciliation with God

As a former youth pastor, I still get upset when teenagers make the mistake of falling into the sexual traps that tempt them throughout junior high and high school. This is why I am so excited about our Purity Focus Conference February 23rd. This conference is our opportunity to push back at a society who believes that sex before marriage is ok. You see, I also get upset when Christians consider those teens who have fallen to temptation to be written off. In other words, “You reap what you sow.” Some Christians will ignore teens who have messed up; even teen Christians will do this, instead of trying to lead them to restoration. Instead of holding out the olive branch to one who has fallen, a big club is shown to them. What is the job of the Church? It is to spread the gosple; you know, the gosple that says that God is willing to forgive sin. He is willing because Jesus Christ gave His life that we might live. Someone might say that this should not be a concern for me, but I am concerned for the person who has made a mistake, for the Christian who is handing out punishment instead of telling those who are in sin how to be reconciled to God, and for how the Church appears to the world. I want to see Christians fighting for our teens because there is an urgency to see them rescued from Satan’s clutches. I want to see our young teens showing someone who blew it how to find forgiveness.


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