God is stirring our church

Even though we are up and down in attendence, we are seeing several spiritual victories that I am excited about. It feels like we are at a growth point and that we are becoming more useful in ministry as a church. I am starting to see a heart for ministry from our people. After a couple of years as senior pastor, I am seeing opportunities for our church. Our people are stepping up because their faith compels them. Another praise the Lord is that I recieved a unanimous vote today by our church to remain their pastor. It is an awesome blessing to have that type of a vote. God is good all of the time. I am wondering as we prepare for our Purity Focus Conference for teens what God is going to do. Likely, there will be great victories won in the name of Jesus. It is important that even though we are small that we continue to fight the enemy. We are only the size of a mustard seed compared to other churches, but I know what the Bible says about mustard seeds. I am preparing myself for a great ride with God, and if you go to my church, I hope you are too.


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