God’s people rise to the occasion

Tonight at church we, Pastor Jon and I, talked about the Purity Focus Conference that our church is going to have. Our church has to do this type of community outreach by faith. In other words, we struggle to have enough money to do these events. Nonetheless, we talked about the importance of ministry to these teens and that life changing opportunities would be available to them. At the end of our service, Pastor Jon said that enough money was pledged to cover the costs of this ministry. Praise the Lord! This shows that God is at work at doing something with our little church. I think that He has a lot for us to experience by faith through His power in the coming months. There were several victories in the Lord today. Praise the Lord! We may not be numerically strong, but we can be strong in faith and service. God is moving. All of us at Smith Chapel will do well not to get bogged down on the negetives, but it will be better if we focus on what He is doing. We are going somewhere and I can’t wait.


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  1. Rev Wade

    Life is a highway!

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