Purity for teens

I have to say that this is one of the most important things that our church can do. We must encourage teens and young adults to pursue abstinence. Maintaining sexual purity is considered by many to be impossible and that teens will never be able to do it. Well, I think that I can speak for our church people when I say we believe in our youth and God’s Power to help them overcome temptation. This conference will encourage teens as a group to pursue God’s help in seeking purity. This is also a chance for teenagers who may not have waited to seek a second chance in purity. I think we have good speakers lined up. There is a passion in our youth pastor and me to see this become a great moment in time for our teenagers and those who will be attending. While reading this, would you stop and take the time to pray that God will be able to persuade those teens who will attend to pursue Jesus Christ with all of their hearts, and to surrender to Him by making commitments to remain sexually pure for marriage, or to stop any sexual activities that they are taking part in until marriage? Also, pray that they will be able to stay away from all forms of sexual acts too. Pray for our speakers and those who will be working in different areas that they will sense the urgency of this message.

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