We watched End of the Spear at our church last Sunday night. It is a movie based upon the lives of 5 missionaries who gave their lives sharing the gospel with a formerly unknown tribe in Ecuador. These men were martyrs for their faith in Jesus Christ. A strong point is made about what it really means to give your life away for Jesus Christ. Further, it causes one to consider what it means to give your life so that others might live. These men’s families picked up the mantle left behind by those men and carried the gospel to those who had murdered their husbands. These women proceeded to show love and forgiveness for those who sinned greatly against them and their children. Many wonder whether or not God is real, or if Jesus is who He says to be, but they cannot argue that people will not lay their lives down for a lie; nor will they choose to love those who have harmed them in such a great way. I cannot help but wonder why people choose to believe that Christ should be cut out of public and personal life and His ways not taught to our children by our educators or their parents. It is something for us all to meditate on while we continue to practice our “cheap grac” and build our own kingdoms. What does Christ expect from us?


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