It’s time

It is just a few minutes before Christmas as I write this. As I watch a Christmas service on TV, I think about what it was to celebrate Christmas without Christ. I realize this Christmas that there is a battle the rages over whether or not it is right or wrong to say, “Happy Holidays,” or “Season’s Greetings,” or just “Merry Christmas.” I have seen the advertisements that say, “Merry CHRISTmas,” and others that remind us not to take Christ out of Christmas. I have stood on the side that believes that Christ should not be compromised at Christmas because it is about Him. Yet, I have a thought this year. What if we, the Church, realized that Christmas is for those who wish to ignore Jesus? Hear me out, don’t roll your eyes yet, and think that I am another “liberal.” Instead, think about the fact that Christ came into this world to save those who are lost. We celebrate His coming, but we must celebrate why He came. It is ironic that those who want to forget Christ, are those whom He died for; just like He died for us. Also, think about the fact that we, those who follow Christ, are His Church. This means that instead of fighting those who do not believe the way we do, may be, we should start being imitators of Christ to them. This is the time of year that we should get our second wind, reorient, and be reminded that because Jesus came, we there is still hope for those who do not know Him. Christ loves those who do not love Him. This season of peace is a reminder to be in love with, and be at peace with our neighbors. It’s time. It’s time to get past accusations and judgments; and it’s time to extend grace. Christ will never be defeated by those who do not know Him. He will only be hindered by those who do know Him. It’s time. Merry Christmas and peace to all.


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