While following through on a punishment yesterday, one of my children said that I should be merciful, like Christ, and forget the punishment. We all love God’s grace. Yet, sometimes we need to realize that God will allow us to face circumstances, that we caused, instead of waving His magic wand and making it all go away. Does this mean that He does not love us? Certainly not. This means that God is teaching us; we all know that experience is the best teacher. Seems like I have heard that somewhere. It seems that God wants to show us that can help us through those circumstances. Anyway, back to my child. One thing led to another, and finally, as I was talking about how Christ wants to teach us through our consequences, it was said, by my child, that “I don’t know Christ like I kn0w you.” My children have given their lives to Jesus. I was reminded by that; but it does cause me to wonder how many of us have simply forgot to know Him. I mean really know Christ. We take the grace that only Christ can provide, and then, after a while, we settle for grace, as the ceiling, while losing sight of who Jesus is. What if the children of Israel would have left Egypt and settled for leaving slavery without going with God? They would have been overcome in the wilderness! We need Christians who will follow Christ; not just using Him to avoid punishment. There is life, and there is new life. Do you really know Christ? Or, are you just trying to use Him for Genie who will wave His magic wand when you need Him?


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