Modern Day Rapture
The Rapture is known as an end times doctrine in most circles of the Christian Church. It is the general belief that Christ will take His Church from the Tribulation that is to come. Further, there are different theories of when that will take place, if it is to take place. Many Christians look forward to the Second Coming of Christ so that they can escape the harshness of this world. Yet, it seems that Christ is counting upon His Church to be those who bring healing to this world. However, the Church seems to be taking part in her own type of Rapture. Let me explain. Many pastors and congregations desire to be successful, in other words, to grow in numbers. This is fine because numbers represent souls saved; at least we hope. Therefore, the solution to many of these churches is to move. Many of these churches desire to move to more affluent areas because there is a target group of people that they are seeking. Could it be that this target group has money? Many of these churches that desire to move are in areas that have a great amount of poverty, broken marriages, troubled people, and crime. Yeah, Jesus probably would not want His Church in a place like that. Besides, He would Rapture His Church from all of that anyway. It seems to me that Christ has a great deal of concern for these people; and these poor people seem to be His target group of people in the Bible. What is more, Jesus seems to want to use His Church to reach these people. The question that all ministers and lay people have to ask is, “Should the Church be trying to relocate to the poor side of town instead of leaving as soon as the money is available?” It might be that the money that God has given to those churches may have been there so that His people can take care of those who need help.

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