Associating with the Bride of Christ

Many people today imply that they are able to serve Jesus Christ without attending a church. It is true. Americans are very individualistic and that means there is a go alone attitude. Many have different reasons about why they cannot attend a church. Some say, “Church people are hypocrites!” Others say, “The church only wants money.” Some say, “Sunday is my only time off.” Is there really a good reason, other than health problems, for church attendance not to be a priority? In his book, There Is No I In Church, Keith Drury, professor of religion at Indiana Wesleyan University writes, “Some people refuse to associate with the bride of Christ on earth. What makes them think they’d want to be a part of the bride of Christ in Heaven? If they won’t join the bride, then they won’t get married to the groom” (16). He wrote this in light of the Church, the bride, being engaged to Christ, the Groom. Some people have created busy lives for themselves which causes them to miss Church on a regular basis. Nonetheless, Jesus talked about being too busy to come to a great feast in Matthew 22:1-14; check it out. Finally, if you are not attending church on a regular basis, then it is important that you know that the people of Smith Chapel Wesleyan Church need you; and you might need them too.


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