Where is Robin Hood when the American Church needs him?

The story of Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is one of the finest stories ever told. Everyone enjoys the plot of the story. Robin Hood takes from those who do not need and gives to those who are in need. Likely, everyone thinks that this theme demonstrates real justice. So what does this story have to do with American churches? The Christian Church in the United States, this includes all denominations, and all sizes too, are financially well off; or are without financial worries. Yet, while churches seem to have enough financial capabilities to have their needs met, many tend to use their financial status as a measuring stick for success. The issue, then becomes, that God is not needed; except for forgiveness purposes and to cure various illnesses, and may be for some occasional extras. Could it be that the Church does not need her Provider? Likely , it is that because needs are being met, and God is reduced to a Genie in a bottle, instead of the God who is depended upon for all things. Faith in God seems to be less evident today than at other times in history. One might say that is because the churches have the money they need to perform day to day normal functions. What if there was not any money in these churches? It would seem that these churches who were without would need the Hand of God to supply their needs. Being without resources seems to cause a closeness among the congregation and a need for God. Consider, churches would have to start praying again; individually and corporately. People would be wandering around encouraging each other to have faith in Christ. Reminders would be passed back and forth among those in the local church that “God never fails!” If the doors were about to close, then their might even be fasting within the congregation. Scripture memorization would be a favorite past time because it would bring a comfort to those who are struggling. After all, there would be a great need that only God could supply. Then, as God began to supply needs, and since churches would be in tune with Him at that point, there might even be a desire among Christians to go out into the world and share the gospel along with healing to those in need. Wait a minute. This sounds like what the Church of the NT looks like. If financial loss could trigger such a desire for Christ, then would it be good for the Church to be robbed by a modern day Robin Hood? Who knows? But then God’s money would go to His people who are in real need.


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