Each Christian must battle with the feeling of being disconnected from Christ at times. These are better thought of as seasons that each Christian goes through in which Christ seems so distant. It is important to know that these distant times are linked to responsibilities Christians have to themselves. Responsibilities to self include prayer, fasting, and meditation and are more commonly called spiritual disciplines. Nonetheless, these responsibilities may be conveniently swept under the rug by a believer. What is more, these are inward disciplines which are easy to hide from others. It is easy to claim to follow Jesus Christ. However, to follow Christ, one must connect with Him on a daily basis. Further, one cannot be content on a decision that was made to serve Christ years earlier. Instead, it should be an active commitment by the one who has given his or her life to Him. These three disciplines help to regulate a person so that he or she will be in tune with Christ. Moreover, these are what Christians are responsible for in his or her spiritual growth. Consequently, if a Christian is not growing spiritually, then it is likely that these daily exercises are not being performed; for lack of time, or simply consciously neglected. Again, prayer, fasting, and meditation are being swept under the rug by many Christians. In other words, the house may look clean, but it’s really not since the dirt is only hidden. As a result, it is highly recommended that those who desire to know Christ on a personal level should follow this Scriptural roadmap for growth in Christ. These are a means to plug back into Christ.


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