Contemporary or Traditional?

Does it matter? No matter which side of the fence that one lands he or she will say yes. There are those who say they cannot worship during a traditional service. On the other hand, there are traditionalists who say they can’t worship with contemporary aids. The question that both sides must ask and eventually answer is whether or not it matters. Are both sides guilty of focusing on the wrong things? It appears that both are; this applies to the ‘hardliners’ in each category. At some point, worshippers are going to have to get back to worshipping Jesus. The minute someone walks into a church, and judges the congregation according to whether or not there is a video screen, musical instruments or just a piano, this person has lost sight of why it is important to be there. What would happen in the US if people started attending church, not to show that the world and God can get along, but to serve the Bride of Christ? What would happen if these issues were forgotten, and submission to one another was remembered? I don’t know; but I bet the Spirit of God would resurface again!


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