The Pharisees have gotten a bad rap by many in the Church today. This sect was a righteous group who studied and followed the OT Law and Prophets. Yet, Jesus said that they were hypocritical, and likewise, so are many are today. Many Christians in modern times are apathetic toward pursuing Holiness and discipline. What is more, Christians are not producing a large number of men and women who want to live like Jesus. There is a lack of study when it comes to the Scriptures in the Church today; compare with the Pharisees. Dr. Mark Weeter, professor at OWU, says, “Superficiality is the curse of our age. In Matthew 5:17-20, Jesus said He fulfilled the Law and certainly He clarified it. Yet, He said that His follower’s righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisees. To exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees Christians must must place themselves in positions to receive God’s grace that changes the person from within. However, contemporary Christians center on freedom instead of Christ. Christians must seek righteousness of mind and motive. The Church is not taking seriously her responsibility to change the world. Statistically there are many who say they are Christian in America, but they do not attend church regularly, nor do they read Scripture and pray. God has taken a backseat to soccer, shopping, and whatever else type of activity. Therefore, the question is are you making Bible study and worship of God, by attending church, your number one priority?


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