A True Leader

It is important to have someone who is a good leader for those who have not yet built up confidence in themselves. Many people today, who have great leadership potential, are victims of being ignored at the key times in their lives. They do not have someone to mentor them so that they might be successful in what they do. This fact alone can be a great loss to those who would have benefitted under these people’s leadership. There are three qualities of a great leader: servanthood, thoughtfulness, and compassion. A great leader must be willing to roll up his or her sleaves and join in the work. This person must not be the type who only observes. This person will support those under his or her leadership when the work is tough by serving beside them. Another quality that a great leader has is thoughtfulness. This person will show interest in the subordinates life. The people under this type of leader will sense that this leader is interested in them as a person and not just an employee who is easily replaceable. Finally, a great leader will show compassion to the subordinate. This type of leader truly cares about any problems that someone might be going through. This leader is the person who will do something about it if it is within his or her power. People will respond with a 110% for this leader who has these types of qualities. People will go through the ringer to please this type of individual. This leader is the one who knows what it is like to be in the other’s shoes.


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