The Purpose of Education

What is the purpose of education after high school? Some say that is to guide one to a better future. Others say that education is the vehicle that helps one to get to a high paying job. Some may look at it as being a way to get out of work. Others only go to college to meet a spouse. Is a college education worth the money that a student pays? There are three categories to look to so that one may decide for himself or herself. Some go to school to be able to achieve opportunities in their career, others enroll in college to meet the person of their dreams, and others go to school to so that they may be better equipped to do their craft. First, there are those who do not want to learn, but they will attend college so that they might be able to make more money than those who do not go. This seems to be a poor reason to go, but nevertheless, many attend for this very reason and do well. Then there are those who are seeking their soulmate for life. These people are those who find what they are looking for and end up with an education and opportunities with it. This is understandable; but is it the best reason? Finally, there are those who truly seek the knowledge that education brings. These people are those who love to learn and apply what they have learned to their field. They simply want to be able to do a good job, and become a must have person for the boss, and be looked at as a hub by those who are around them. This seems to be the right reason to attend college. Since this type of person is interested in not letting any words fall to the ground that are spoken by the teacher. Who would an employer rather have?” Furthermore, is education wasted on the earlier examples?


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  1. As you’ve said,the first and third kind of people do good in their career.And for them the purpose of education is served. But education should not always be looked upon in the perspective of money alone, it’s beyond job and money, we have to be educated with good ethics only then we can hold on to our job and postion. Going to college seeking a soulmate sounds weird for me.
    (I stumbled upon your blog through the related posts link in my blog’s post 🙂 )

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