There are 3 things a person must have to serve in ministry

I have seen many who were called to be in the ministry. These were good people who loved the Lord Jesus Christ with all of their hearts. These people were people who would do ministry simply for the love of serving. Money was not something that they were thinking about. These people only wanted to show the Lord that they loved Him and His people through servanthood and obedience. Many of these poeple were second career people who did not choose to serve the Lord as a career, but God chose them and they responded. There are three things they needed, but many did not: Faith, a spouse who would pursue their call with them, and encouragement. First, many these people did not really think that the Lord could use them. They felt that they were not worthy to serve God; nor tell others that God wanted them serve. However, this is true humility. Another problem for many was the fact that their spouses did not want to live by faith with them, they only wanted to stay in their comfort zones. It was especially hard for a few because they had such good jobs. Lastly, there was no one who would encourage them. People need to be cheered at the right moments. Most were made fun of by their own families and friends. It is sad that sometimes people shoot the next Billy Graham in the leg before he or she gets out it. But thank God that some find a way to believe even through this type of ostracization. Thank God for faith. Thank God for encouragement from others. Most importantly, thank God for a loving spouse who believes in God and the one he or she is married to.


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