Time of Grace

Since we are living in a time of grace, we should recieve it from God and each other. We should also extend grace to others. Grace, when used properly should thwart all of the wiles of evil. Grace does three things: Brings peace with God, promotes peace with others, and purifies everyone’s intentions. First, peace through Jesus Christ with God allows people to rest at ease if they are believers. This will give a new start to someone who is struggling with life. Grace will promote peace with others because that is exactly what will come to people who have been at odds with each other. How good it is for the offender and the innocent to recieve and give grace. Finally, grace, if used properly, will purify intentions. Everyone’s intentions should not be ill in a time of grace. The one who recieves the grace should know that the one who gives it means it. Likewise, the one who gives it, should do it because he or she loves the person who recieving it. Now that type of grace is real peace. This grace comes from Jesus Christ. He has shown us what we must do to have peace. When will His children, and the rest of the world see this? God help us, each one, to understand this and take part in it.


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